Considering Virtually-Everything Events

If your organization is accustomed to hosting events throughout the year—whether the purpose is to draw customers to a retail hub,...

Events, In the Murky Light of Now

Just a few short months ago, organizations across our nation were forced to re-assess live event plans for 2020 in light of a looming...


About Diane

Diane Larusso Sharp, CTA launched A Curated Experience in late 2019, thanks in great part to the enthusiastic support of a fantastic spouse, many friends, and professional colleagues.

Prior to stepping out as an entrepreneur, Diane spent the better part of two decades producing live events and directing fundraising programs for non-profit organizations. Now, she enjoys playing strategic and functional roles to support her clients in their event and audience-engagement success.

To mitigate cabin fever during this COVID-19 "stay at home" order, she and her daughter enjoy walking their pets, Cat Benatar and Nelli the Chocolate Lab, around the loop their neighborhood.