In Support of Our Non-Profits

March 2020

Before this business became a reality, I spent nearly two decades producing events of all shapes and sizes.

Beyond their orchestration, it was my job to engage audiences-- from the general public to major donors and Trustees. I was also accountable for raising significant revenue to support crucial, life-changing programs and services.

Over the past twenty years in this profession, I've been responsible for planning and coordinating hundreds of events-- and in doing so, also raising millions of dollars.

A Curated Experience focuses on experience and media production for corporations and nonprofits. Like many small businesses, I'm hoping I'll make it through this.

But right now, I see our nation's nonprofits working harder than ever-- reinventing operations to comply with orders. At the same time, they're struggling to build capacity, as vulnerable populations become even more so in the face of pandemic.

And so, I'd like to help. If you are a nonprofit leader or event coordinator who's not sure how to tackle your fundraising event challenges, please send me a note.

Let me know what topics or tools would be most valuable to you. If you have a particular challenge, we can even arrange a phone conversation.

I'm so grateful for my blessings in this moment, (even in the aftermath of my own household's recent employment losses) so I humbly offer what I have to give.

Stay well, my friends. Let's stick together.