We leverage our experience to curate your experience.

What is A Curated Experience?
We’re a full-service engagement, event and hospitality company offering a wide array of planning, coordination and management services to help you impress with ease and confidence.

We produce engagement campaigns and events, creating high-touch guest experiences with our network of professional partners to deliver incredible results.

Your Project, Your Way

Whatever your reason for hosting—and whatever your goals—A Curated Experience is your partner in developing effective strategies aimed at your unique audience, and within your budget.

It’s All About Experience

We’ve been communicating with audiences and producing successful corporate and non-profit events for nearly two decades, so our clients benefit from the deep knowledge of fundraising and engagement we bring to every project—not to mention the value that comes from working with our network of reputable vendors and professional partners.

All this is to say: our clients can relax, trust us with the details, and know we’ll deliver A Curated Experience they'll remember fondly for years to come.